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OM Part Numbers

OMBARS Bars Leak (one bottle treats 2 gallons)
OM16PB PB Blaster
OMCAM2 Cam2 Injector Cleaner
OM35 Starting Fluid
OMHEET Heet Fuel Additive
OM1025 Fuel Anti-Gel (32oz.)
OM1041 Fuel Anti-Gel (96oz.)
OM2125 Air Brake Antifreeze (32oz.)
OM2141 Air Brake Antifreeze (96oz.)
OM24506000 Drop Light W/50FT. Cord
OM24506003 Heavy Duty Trouble Light
OM11130600 Stubby II W/1FT. Cord
OM11132502 Stubby II W/25FT. Cord
OM11135001 Stubby II W/50FT. Cord
OM50002003 Replacement Bulb For Stubby II
OM50000001 Magnet With Hook (for drop lights)
OM50001030 Replacement Magnet Only
OM13092500 Black Light (for leak detection)
OM50003000 25FT. Extension Cord
OM50003001 50FT. Extension Cord
OM50003003 100FT. Extension Cord
OM26303000 Cord Reel 30FT.
OM26501000 Cord Reel 50FT.
OM916920 CH Turn Signal Plug Assembly
OM876233 CH Headlamp Plug Assembly
OMDOT3 DOT3 Brake Fluid - 12oz.
OMDOT3G DOT3 Brake Fluid Gallon
OMDOT4 DOT4 Brake Fluid
OM7779 Small Epoxy Kit
OMADHESIVE Large Epoxy Kit
OMFR1005 Flaming River Battery Disconnect Switch
OM70 - 9010 Pole Cat Mirror Bracket
OMSC260A - 1 Pole Cat Heated Mirror
OM35P91 6 Hole, Thin Gasket
OM35P92 6 Hole, Thick Gasket
OM35P151 8 Hole, Thin Gasket
OM35P152 8 Hole, Thick Gasket
OM328170168X PTO Mounting Stud Kit For Chelsea PTO
OMTGGSKA PTO Seal & Gasket Kit For Chelsea PTO
OMB23 Straight Mud Flap Hangers $17.00 while supplies last

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